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The Altman Group

Welcome to the Altman Group!

We welcome people from all backgrounds, and are looking for enthusiastic undergraduate and graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers. Please reach out if you want to learn more.


Alison B. Altman

Assistant Professor


Postdoctoral Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Northwestern University Advisor: Danna Freedman

Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley 2017, Advisors: John Arnold and Stefan Minasian

B.S., Yale University 2012


Soumyalika Chowdhury

Graduate Student

Soumyalika is from Bardhaman, a small town in West Bengal, India. She completed her Bachelor's and Masters degree at the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata and graduated with a Major in Chemical Sciences. She worked on main group organometallics during her Masters thesis project. She is currently working on synthesizing lanthanide/actinide based metal complexes and investigate their properties and electronics under high pressure. She enjoys singing and reading books during her free time.


Tiffany Conrad

Graduate Student

Tiffany was raised in Altoona, Pennsylvania. She received her B.S. in Chemistry from Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania with a concentration in Nanotechnology. As part of her studies, Tiffany participated in classes at Penn State University in their Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology program. In her free time, she is usually working on some sort of craft, listening to music, or watching history shows.


Henry Jemison

Graduate Student

Originally raised in Conway, AR, Henry went to the University of Missouri in Columbia, MO where he graduated with a BS in Chemistry. During his time as an undergraduate student, he conducted research focused on actinide chemistry in the group of Dr. Justin Walensky. Out of the lab, he enjoys biking and finding new places.

Paris Reuel

Graduate Student

Paris Reuel's current research interests are in the bonding nature of lanthanide and aluminum metal centers. Prior to joining the Altman lab, Reuel was a student intern at Sandia National Labs researching and developing novel lanthanide, aluminum, scandium, yttrium, precursors for processing into materials with application in obscurants, precipitation agents, and thermal and radiation resistance. Reuel received a B.S. in Chemistry and a B.S. in Statistics with honors from the University of New Mexico. In his free time Reuel likes to play tennis, games, and enjoys spending time on the trails hiking and camping.


Muhammad Talha Wattoo

Graduate Student

Talha hails from Bahawalnagar, an agricultural town in Southern Punjab, Pakistan. He completed his Bachelor's in Chemistry from Government College University Lahore (GCUL) and his Masters with honors from Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) with a concentration in inorganic chemistry. As part of his Master's research, he worked on high entropy ferrites.During his free time, he loves reading/listening about mysticism, cooking different cuisines, exploring different places, and spending time with family.


Ryan O'Shea

Undergraduate Student

Ryan is from Plano, Texas and is currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science. His extracurriculars at A&M include being a Fellow at the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship and a staff assistant for The Big Event. After graduation, he hope to attend graduate school and continue doing research. In my free time, he enjoys working out, playing guitar, and reading sci-fi.

Delaney picture.jpg

Delaney Breidenthal

Undergraduate Student

Delaney grew up in the Fort Worth, TX area. She is currently working towards a B.S. chemistry with a minor in physics and hopes to continue on to grad school. Aside from being a part of the Altman Group, she is very involved in a Christian campus ministry called Cru. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, playing piano, and reading and writing.


Brooke Moskovitz

Undergraduate Student

Brooke is a freshman undergraduate student from Austin TX, working towards a B.S. in Chemistry. At Texas A&M, she is involved in FLED (freshman leaders in education and development), best buddies, and Hillel. In her free time, she enjoys going to the gym, swimming, and reading. 

Group alumni

Alejandro Rubio Reyes (2022): undergraduate student


Thomas Stowell (2022–2023): undergraduate student

Tyler Vandergrifft (2023): undergraduate student

Ebube Oyeka (2023–2024): postdoctoral researcher

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